The following people have generously made their papers available on the web:

Barcsák, János V. — Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Hungary

The Archetype of the Other: Reading Genesis 2 (.doc)

Barker, Jason — Unaffiliated philosopher/worker

To Have Done with the Other (.doc)

Bernard-Donals, Michael — University of Wisconsin, Madison

‘Difficult Freedom’: Levinas, Rhetoric, and the Politics of Suffering (.doc)

Biberman, Matthew — University of Louisville

The Concept of Double Death, Or the Religious Valences of Propriety (.doc)

Boletsi, Maria — University of Amsterdam

The War of Words: When Butler’s Excitable Speech Meets Injurious Speech in Greece (A Case Study) (.doc)

Boone, Marc — Ghent University

L’automne du Moyen Age’: Johan Huizinga et Henri Pirenne ou ‘plusieurs vérités pour la même chose’ (.doc)

Buekens, Filip — Tilburg University

Baroque Politics: The Unjustifiability of Lacanianism and the Boundaries of Theory (.pdf)

Buelens, Gert — Ghent University

Citationality and Responsibility in Disgrace (.doc)

Cante, Richard C. — University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Fahrenheit 9/11 and the Demands of Media and Cultural Pedagogy (.doc)

Craps, Stef — Ghent University

J.M. Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians and the Ethics of Testimony (.doc)

D'hoker, Elke — Leuven University

The Other I: Ethics and Story-telling in First-person Narratives(.doc)

De Kesel, Marc — Nijmegen University / Jan van Eyck Academy

There Is No Ethics of the Real: A Critique of a Common Misreading of Lacan’s Ethics Seminar (.doc)

Du Pont, Olaf — Hogeschool Ghent

But we’re American… The Renewed Vigour of American Exceptionalism and its Presence in Speeches by George W. Bush (.doc)

Fromet de Rosnay, Emile — Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario

Mallarmé’s “Acte” as Impossible Sacrifice (.doc)

Goldberg, Shari — SUNY Albany

The Interruption of Sin: Kafka and the Impossibility of Reading One’s Work (.doc)

Hetzel, Andreas — University of Darmstadt

Rhetorical Acosmism and Radical Democracy (.pdf)

Gooch, Joshua — University of Iowa

The Wolf-Man: Paradigmatic Shifts into the Narrative Fantastic (.doc)

Jöttkandt, Sigi — Ghent University

"Words From My Eyes Did Start": John Clare's ‘First Love’ (.doc)

Keaney, Heather — American University in Cairo

Gambling on the Past, Gaining the Present: Religio-Political Rhetoric in Medieval Islamic Spain (.doc)

Korhonen, Kuisma — University of Helsinki

Personification of Texts, or The Night of the Living Dead(.doc)

Kovács, Agnes — University of Szeged

Is There a Life After Speech? -- on the Jamesian ethics of manners (.doc)

Kušnir, Jaroslav — University of Prešov, Slovakia

Politics (Ideology), Ethics, Aesthetics, and David Foster Wallace's Short Story "Signifying Nothing," 1999 (.doc)

McIntosh, Fiona — University of Lille III

Compilers and the status of 18th century history: of the meaning and success of “second-hand” narratives (.doc)

Moore, Don — McMaster University

Ethics in Empire: The Human Subject after 9-11 (.doc)

Nelis, Jan — Ghent University

Fascism, Aesthetics, and the Rhetoric of Action in the Romanità (.doc)

Sharma, Devika — University of Copenhagen

Carceral Aesthetics: Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections (.doc)

Tanner, Sonja — New School for Social Research / La Guardia College, CUNY

Getting Carried Away in Plato's Phaedrus (.doc)

Thiele, Kathrin — SUNY Buffalo / Viadrina Frankfurt-Oder

Ethics of (In)capacity: Becoming (.doc)

Verstraten, Peter — Leiden University

“When you can’t see them, you are looking at them” – the ethical failure of ‘going native’ in Samuel Fuller’s Run of the Arrow (.doc)

Walton, Priscilla — Carlton University, Canada

Extreme Makeovers: Critiquing Cosmetic Cultures (.doc)

Wolff, Spencer — Yale University

The Institutionalization of Violence: Violence as Lebensstil and Fascism as a Fusion of Arendt’s Categories of ‘Power’ and ‘Violence’ (.doc)

Wrighton, John — University of Wales, Aberystwyth

The Ethicist-Aesthetic Practice of Modern and Contemporary American Poetics (.doc)