Albrecht, Thomas — Tulane University

The Golden Bowel: Freud's Alchemy of Anal Character Formation

Alryyes, Ala — Yale University

The Two Cultures: Ambiguity and Approximation in Literature and Science

Amirmoez, Afsaneh — University of Limoges

The Merging of Genres: Stream of Consciousness Technique in the Nouveau Roman

Bakrim, Noureddine — Université de Limoges

Langue, écriture et identité berbères: sur un semi-symbolisme en acte

Balfour, Ian — York University, Toronto

The Indirect or Hollow Ethics of the Sublime (Schiller, Longinus, Kant)

Ball, Karyn — University of Alberta

Primal Returns Between Freud, Bloch and Hitchcock

Barcsák, János V. — Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Hungary

The Archetype of the Other: Reading Genesis 2

Barker, Jason — Unaffiliated philosopher/worker

To Have Done with the Other

Becker-Leckrone, Megan — University of Las Vegas, Nevada

The Feminine Figure in Contemporary Discourses on the Sublime

Benda, Jonathan — Tunghai University, Taiwan

Naming Taiwan: Democracy and Transitional Identity in Post-War Taiwan Presidential Inaugural Addresses

Bennett, David — University of Melbourne

What Is Libidinal Economy?

Berger, Grazia — Antwerp University

Ethos- und Ethikkonzeptionenen in deutschsprachigen, politischen Theaterstücken zur Französischen Revolution zwischen 1835 und 1938 (von Georg Büchner bis Gertrud Kolmar

Bernard-Donals, Michael — University of Wisconsin, Madison

‘Difficult Freedom’: Levinas, Rhetoric, and the Politics of Suffering

Bertens, Hans — Utrecht University

Beyen, Marnix — Antwerp University

Biberman, Matthew — University of Louisville

The Concept of Double Death, Or the Religious Valences of Propriety

Bishop, Benjamin — University of California, Irvine

Seeing, Touching, Reading: Blanchot’s Aminabad

Bleyen, Jan — Leuven University

"These are my jewels": Unto this Last and Ruskin's Parables

Boletsi, Maria — University of Amsterdam

The War of Words: When Butler’s Excitable Speech Meets Injurious Speech in Greece (A Case Study)

Boone, Marc — Ghent University

L’automne du Moyen Age’: Johan Huizinga et Henri Pirenne ou ‘plusieurs vérités pour la même chose’

Brown, Pamela — Yeshiva University

How?: Michael K and the Question of Art’s Face

Buekens, Filip — Tilburg University

Baroque Politics: The Unjustifiability of Lacanianism and the Boundaries of Theory

Buelens, Gert — Ghent University

Citationality and Responsibility in Disgrace

Butter, Michael — University of Bonn

Hitler and the Rhetoric of the War on Terror

Campe, Rüdiger — Johns Hopkins University

Actualitas: On Timing and Troping from Aristotle to Quintilian

Cante, Richard C. — University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Fahrenheit 9/11 and the Demands of Media and Cultural Pedagogy

Carbonell, Neus — Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

The Other Half: History and the Logic of Not–All

Carstens, Lisa — Virginia Wesleyan College

‘Shift the Accent’: Political Agency in the Field of Melancholic Realism

Ceuppens, Jan — Leuven University/Vlekho Brussels

Exercises in Destruction: The Illegibility of Ruination in W.G. Sebald

Chaitin, Gilbert — Indiana University, Bloomington

Clark, David — McMaster University

The Palestinians, living among us: Kant’s Neighborhoods

Clarke, Ben — Leader University, Taiwan

Orwell and Common Sense

Clemens, Justin — Deakin University, Australia

Ending Love

Coelen, Marcus — University of Munich


Cohen, Tom — SUNY Albany

The Biopolitics of the Cinematic: Hitchcock's Bird Wars

Colebrook, Claire — University of Edinburgh

Continental Philosophy and Literary Theory: the Image of Life

Conacher, Agnès — Queen's University, Ontario

Is it enough simply to renounce?

Craps, Stef — Ghent University

J.M. Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians and the Ethics of Testimony

De Boever, Arne — Columbia University

Coetzee's Claim: From Nomos to Mythos in Foe and Disgrace

De Bruycker, Melissa — Ghent University

Isotopy and Deictic in Modern German Poetry

De Clerq, Frédéric — Ghent University

Research that Searches and Research that Finds: a Question of Ethics

De Kesel, Marc — Nijmegen University / Jan van Eyck Academy

There Is No Ethics of the Real: A Critique of a Common Misreading of Lacan’s Ethics Seminar

De Winde, Arne — Leuven University

Es Existiert Ein “Kriegs-‘virus’”: Memory and the Eternal Recurrence of War in Reinhard Jirgl’s Prose

Decreus, Freddy — Ghent University

‘Aesthetics, Ideology and Discourse’: Creation and contestation of the aesthetic aspects of a national identity: Phidias vs. Kiefer

Dhavernas, Catherine — Queen's University, Ontario

Du rire du renoncement, or The Art of Art as Art

D'hoker, Elke — Leuven University

The Other I: Ethics and Story-telling in First-person Narratives

Dorland, Michael — Carleton University

The language of the Nazi concentration camps: issues in rhetoric, politics and ethics

Du Pont, Olaf — Hogeschool Ghent

But we’re American… The Renewed Vigour of American Exceptionalism and its Presence in Speeches by George W. Bush

Eaglestone, Robert — Royal Holloway, University of London

Rhetoric and ethics in ‘Popular Science’

Eeckhout, Bart — Ghent University

But is it Politics? Or Ethics? Rhetoric, Topography, and Context in Wallace Stevens’ ‘The Idea of Order at Key West’

Eiden, Patrick — Universität Konstanz

Elmer, Jonathan  — Indiana University, Bloomington

The Not One and the One One: Identification and the Signifying Cut of Native American Sovereignty

Feltham, Oliver — American University, Paris / Jan van Eyck Academy

The Language of Change: Austin and Badiou

Flack, Derek — York University, Toronto

Readerly Being, Self-Renunciation, and the Ethics of Interpretation In William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury

Franssen, Gaston — Utrecht University

Naming Silence: Tropological Strategies, Aesthetic Autonomy and Political Commitments in (the interpretation of) the Poetry of Gerrit Kouwenaar

Frey, Christiane — University of Bonn

The State of Exception and the Rhetoric of Politics in Kleist's Michael Kohlhaas

Fromet de Rosnay, Emile — Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario

Mallarmé’s “Acte” as Impossible Sacrifice

Geenens, Raf — Brussels University (KUB)

Democracy and the argumentum ad baculum

Geldof, Koenraad — Leuven University

The Prison-house of Discourse: Remarks on the Generic Pluralism of Althusser's L'Avenir dure longtemps

Glejzer, Richard — North Central College

Levinas and the Ends of Rhetoric

Goldberg, Shari — SUNY Albany

The Interruption of Sin: Kafka and the Impossibility of Reading One’s Work

Gonzalez-Ocana, Jaime — Université de Caen

The ancientness of modern and future wars

Gooch, Joshua — University of Iowa

The Wolf-Man: Paradigmatic Shifts into the Narrative Fantastic

Goodson, A.C. — Michigan State University

Hypotyposis from Kant to R. Gasché

Greaney, Patrick — University of Colorado

The Power of Address

Hall, Gary — Middlesex University

IT, Again: The Future of the Humanities in a Virtual World (or How to Build an Ethical Institution)

Hardie, Melissa Jane — University of Sydney

What Gives: The Pursuits of Hannibal Lecter and Paul de Man

Hardwick, Lorna — Open University, UK

The Competing Rhetorics of Justice and Identity in Modern Productions of Ancient Greek Tragedy

Herman, Luc — Antwerp University

Reading Pynchon Rewriting

Hetzel, Andreas — University of Darmstadt

Rhetorical Acosmism and Radical Democracy

Heyerick, Koenraad — Ghent University

The Resistance to Definition: Towards a Metaphorology of the Novel

Heynders, Odile — Tilburg University

Ethical Dimensions in Recent Poetry? Reading of De aantochtster, Timiditeiten and Varkensroze ansichten

Hodge, Joanna — Manchester Metropolitan University

Topography of the Border: Derrida rewriting transcendental aesthetics

Hoens, Dominiek — Jan van Eyck Academy

Love and Metaphor

Jacobs, Tom — New York University

History from Things: Museums and the Rhetoric of Materiality

Jaffe, Aaron — University of Louisville

Phantasmallegoresis: Walter Benjamin and his Props

Jöttkandt, Sigi — Ghent University

"Words From My Eyes Did Start": John Clare's ‘First Love’

Jukic, Tatjana — University of Zagreb

A Post-Socialist Angel of History: Danilo Kis as a Figure of Critical Prospecting

Keaney, Heather — American University in Cairo

Gambling on the Past, Gaining the Present: Religio-Political Rhetoric in Medieval Islamic Spain

Kelly, Adam — University College, Dublin

Society, Justice and the Other: E.L. Doctorow’s The Waterworks

Koh, Karlyn — La Guardia Community College, CUNY

Glove’s Dream

Kolisnyk, Mary Helen — New York University

Description as Death Drive and the Accession of the Mediatic Voice

Korhonen, Kuisma — University of Helsinki

Personification of Texts, or The Night of the Living Dead

Korthals Altes, Liesbeth — University of Groningen

The Uses of Irony: Aesthetic Education as a Contribution to an Ethics for Contemporary Culture

Kovács, Agnes — University of Szeged

Is There a Life After Speech? -- on the Jamesian ethics of manners

Kušnír, Jaroslav — The University of Prešov, Slovakia

Aesthetics, Ideology, and Postmodern Literature

Kuschke, Ralph — Humboldt University Berlin

Closed Circuit: Technological Ethic

Lang, Kathrin — Free University of Amsterdam

Negotiating the Moral Value System: Crime Fiction in a Period of Penal Reform

Leonard, Miriam — University of Bristol

Historicizing Antigone: Derrida and the Politics of Reception

Lee, Carolyne — University of Melbourne

Building Brand Terror: An Analysis of the Rhetorical Strategies Used, and Some Notes Towards Ethical Responses Possible

Li, Hao — University of Toronto

Contesting Ethics: The Rhetoric of Contingency in Victorian England

Li, Victor — University of Toronto

Violence and Irony in Habermas’s Verständigung Thesis

Lianeri, Alexandra — Darwin College, Cambridge University

Democratic Rhetoric: Greek History and Modern Political Theory

Liatsos, Yianna — Rutgers University

The Ethic of Visitation in J. M. Coetzee's Disgrace

Lilley, Kate — University of Sydney

Bastard Lines: Prosopopoeia and the matter of love in Mary Wroth's Pamphilia to Amphilanthus (1621)

Limbu, Bishupal — Northwestern University

Performing the Impossible: Reading Otherwise in Coetzee and Benjamin

Lo, Wai Chun — University of Hong Kong

“Your Life Didn’t Belong to You”: Jealousy in Almodóvar’s Carne Trémula

McCarthy, Erin — St. Lawrence University

Corporeal Cues East and West: Ethics and the Body

McGrath, Brian — Emory University

Gambling with Reading and the Future of Politics: Locke’s Some Thoughts Concerning Education

McIntosh, Fiona — University of Lille III

Compilers and the status of 18th century history: of the meaning and success of “second-hand” narratives

Madsen, Rasmus Øhlenslæger — University of Copenhagen

Knowing Bodies: Authority in Contemporary Critical Essays

Maes, Yannick — Ghent University

Res republica litterarum, civitas litteratorum: Literature and Reproduction in ancient Rhetorical Education

Mahlke, Kirsten — University of Constance

Translatio or Revolutio? National Self-fashioning in 16th-century France

Malpas, Simon  — University of Edinburgh

Naming Names: the Politics of Lyotard’s Literary Aesthetics

Martyn, David  — Macalester College

Ethics of Failure

Matthé, Sis — Ghent University

Language, Subject and Truth in History

Metzger, David — Old Dominion University

Levinas’ Reading of the Pentateuch and The Paradoxes of Prophetic Sociality

Miller, Char Roone — George Mason University

‘I Have Presumed to Speak’: Hospitality and Reading

Moldovan, Rares — Cluj University, Romania

Broken Necks and Blank Faces: the Ethical and the Inhuman

Moll, Patience — University of California, Irvine

Hegel and the Physiognomic Predicament

Moore, Don — McMaster University

Ethics in Empire: The Human Subject after 9-11

Narkunas, J. Paul  — Pratt Institute

Bio-Power and Language: Coetzee’s Disgrace and the Limits of Humanity

Nelis, Jan — Ghent University

Fascism, Aesthetics, and the Rhetoric of Action in the Romanità

Newman, Thomas — University College London

Ethical Aporias and Rhetorical Solutions in George Jackson and Jean Genet

Oostdijk, Diederik — Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The Rhetoric of Poetry and Silence: Howard Nemerov’s Troubled Wartime Memory

O’Neil, Joseph — Indiana University, Bloomington

The Death of the Subject and the Limit of the Political in Kant, Arendt, and Lacan

Palmans, Vicky — Ghent University

Anti-psychiatry and the Call for Science: History Repeats Itself

Parvulescu, Anca — University of Minnesota

"Let's Get Out of Here": A Rhetoric of Laughter

Parvulescu, Constantin — University of Minnesota

The Rhetoric of Individualist Anarchism: The Undoing of Theory in the Pages of the Individualist Anarchist Weekly ‘Der Einzige’

Pieters, Jürgen — Ghent University

Pike, Deborah — University of Paris VII

Sharon’s Wall and the dialectics of inside/ outside

Pint, Kris — Ghent University

From Fantasy to Synax: Roland Barthes’ Ethics of Desire

Plug, Jan — University of Western Ontario

Shame, on Robert Walser

Potter, Claire — Paris VII

Reading it Letter by Letter: Lacan’s la femme n’existe pas

Rainsford, Dominic — Aarhus University

Forked Animals

Rajan, Tilottama — University of Western Ontario

Phrasing Justice: Godwin’s Political Justice as Deconstruction

Redfield, Marc — Claremont Graduate University

War on Terror

Roose, Alexander — Ghent University

Against "Common Sense"? On a Heterodox Use of a Conservative Notion

Schlðsser, Christian — Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

It's Not Enough to Die, One Must Learn to Disappear

Schmitz, Alexander — Universität Konstanz

Between Speech and Act: Kleist’s "Germania" as "wilder Witz"

Sedlmayr, Gerold — University of Passau

Investigating the Relation between Original and Interpretation: Deconstruction and Ethical Reading

Sharma, Devika — University of Copenhagen

Carceral Aesthetics: Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections

Siemerling, Winfried — Université de Sherbrooke, Canada

The Rhetorics of Identification and Disidentification in W.E.B. Du Bois’ Dark Princess

Smith, Mark J. — York University

Waiting for the ‘Thou’ of Lyric: Apostrophe, Ethics, Politics

Sng, Zachary — Brown University

"Thy Father Lies": Freud and Shakespeare on the Death of the Father

Summers-Bremner, Eluned — University of Auckland

Love for the Lost: The Peculiar Ethics of Sleeping and Reading

Surprenant, Celine — University of Sussex

Moral and Rhetorical Calculation

Tambling, Jeremy — University of Hong Kong

Blanchot, James, and the Secret

Tanner, Sonja — New School for Social Research / La Guardia College, CUNY

Getting Carried Away in Plato's Phaedrus

Teahan, Sheila — Michigan State University

Shadowy Figures

Timár, Andrea — Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

Wordsworth, Coleridge and the State of Addiction

Toremans, Tom — Brussels University (KUB)

Poor Readers: Marx after de Man after Derrida

Van Hulle, Dirk — University of Antwerp

"Fail better": Beckett’s Attempts to Eff the Ineffable

Van Imschoot, Tom — Ghent University

Authority, experience, communication

Van Nuffelen, Peter — Leuven University

'The Unstained Rule': Ethics and Rhetoric in Late Antique Panegyric

Van Slyck, Phyllis — La Guardia Community College, CUNY

‘The Most Polished of Possible Mirrors’: Representing Subjectivity in Henry James

Van Tuinen, Sjoerd — Ghent University

Obscene Politics: The Convergence of Terrorism, Porno and Postpolitics in the Political Analyses of Baudrillard, Zizek and Sloterdijk

Vandamme, Fernand — Ghent University

Knowledge and Content Management: Its relevance for Rhetoric, Politics and Ethics

Vandenbussche, Liselotte — Ghent University

‘The Very Limit of Human Reason’: Tracing the Ethical Dimensions of Coetzee’s The Lives of Animals

Verbaal, Wim — Ghent University

The Birth of Academic Reproduction and the Sacrifice of Freedom of Thought: The Council of Sens (1141) according to Pierre Bourdieu

Verhaeghe, Paul — Ghent University

Vermeulen, Pieter — Leuven University

J.M. Coetzee and the Autobiography of Place (or, An Acceptance to Mourn the Death, by Water, of a Child in London)

Verstraete, Ginette — University of Amsterdam

Verstraten, Peter — Leiden University

“When you can’t see them, you are looking at them” – the ethical failure of ‘going native’ in Samuel Fuller’s Run of the Arrow

Vervaet, Steven — Leuven University

Terrorism, Rhetoric, and the Empathetic Imagination: Ian McEwan’s Black Dog

Walton, Priscilla — Carlton University, Canada

Extreme Makeovers: Critiquing Cosmetic Cultures

Watt, Daniel — University of Wales, Aberystwyth

‘We see people like you all the time’: Abject success and the Ethics of the Neuter in Elizabeth Costello

Weiner, Allison — Yale University

Figuring Trauma, Traumatic Figures: ‘Living On’ in Henry James and Maurice Blanchot

Weymans, Wim — Leuven University

Language and its Materialisation: Does Imaginary Discourse Undermine Democracy?

Wolff, Spencer — Yale University

The Institutionalization of Violence: Violence as Lebensstil and Fascism as a Fusion of Arendt’s Categories of ‘Power’ and ‘Violence’

Wrighton, John — University of Wales, Aberystwyth

The Ethicist-Aesthetic Practice of Modern and Contemporary American Poetics

Yeo, Wei Wei — National University of Singapore

The Rhetoric of Bodies in Age of Iron

Yeoh, Gilbert — National University of Singapore

Sympathetic Identification and the Ethics of Writing in J.M. Coetzee’s Fiction

Younesie, Mostafa — Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran

Farabi: Logic, Rhetoric, Politics and Ethics

Yusin, Jennifer — Emory University

The Traumatic Gift: Ethics and Impossibility in the Work of Emmanuel Levinas

Zabus, Chantal — Paris XIII

Slippery Contenders: Circumcision, Excision, Mutilation

Zacharias, Greg — Creighton University

Henry James’s Touching Gesture

Zylinska, Joanna — Goldsmiths College, University of London

The Secret of Life: Bio-ethics between Corporeal and Corporate Obligations